16 January, 2014

Life's Journey

OK - here goes . . . I don't usually speak openly about things going on in my life.  I suppose I am not a big 'social media' type person. I started my blog to share material things, like quilts, via a method that is easily doable from home. So far the experience has been great! I have had the good fortune to 'electronically' meet some very interesting people. 

Blogging has also been something of a challenge because 'life' sometimes gets in the way of posting as regularly as I would like.  As such, there have been some long periods of time when I have not posted anything.  I trust that readers will understand. :-)

Last fall I challenged myself to get into a regular blogging routine by posting something at least once each week.  All was going well until . . . my husband was admitted to the hospital on November 1 with a massive infection in the lining of his left lung that was severe enough to cause the lung to collapse.  The initial prognosis not a good one, yet by the grace of God all of the medical tests have come back without revealing even a single cancer cell.   We may never know what caused such a massive infection but we feel extremely blessed that there has been no need to consult an oncologist.  (No offense to any oncologists who might be reading!) 
As you can imagine our family's world has been nothing short of topsy-turvy these last few months.  It turns out that recovery from such in infection (empyema being one of his many official diagnoses) takes a very long time, especially when surgery is required as part of the healing process. There have been more than a few bumps along the way to a destination called 'Full Recovery'.  As of today we have confidence we will get there, or at least close enough to be in the same zip code.

Throughout this most recent life journey, my calendar has reminded me each week to write something for my blog. I tried a few times, but found it very difficult to think of things to share while I was consumed with being a full-time caregiver for two.  Yes two.  My dear husband is not the only member of our family I have the responsibility to care for these days. We have an adult daughter with special needs as the result of a massive prenatal stroke.  Those of you I have met in person may have also met my 'quilt study buddy' as she often accompanies me to various quilt studies and shows. All things considered, Brie does incredibly well but she still needs someone to look after her 24/7.  So you see, this caregiver is at least temporarily outnumbered 2-1!

I hope that by adding this new element of sharing to my blog that others who may be in a similar situation will know they are not alone.  I have certainly benefited from reading about the experiences of others. Life as a caregiver isn't easy but it is doable . . . one day at a time.

As the old saying goes, "When life gives you scraps, make quilts!" More about that topic in other posts . . .