14 March, 2014

A Feathered Star Named 'Sweetheart'

I have to say it has been sooooooo good to be quilting again.  It never ceases to amaze me how much of a calm, relaxed feeling I get sitting at my sewing machine to work on a quilt.  I can block out all the worries of the world. 
I love to piece quilts and do hand work also, but there is something about machine quilting that makes my heart go pitter pat!  I do most of my machine quilting on my Bernina 150 Virtuosa.  I can't believe it turned 15 years old last December.  We are attached at the hip and I can't imagine ever having to replace her.  Don't get me wrong, I have looked at newer models with all the bells and whistles but I always come home to my Bernie.  We will be together until death us do part.
I have tried long arm machines.  
My DH, Mr. Splinters (aka my biggest fan and primary enabler) told me several years ago purchase a long arm machine if I wanted one.
I test drove every one on the market at the time only to discover each one was missing a critical factor for me --- when I am quilting I love holding on to the quilt!  Machines just do not give me the same tactile pleasure I get from a quilt. When I am quilting with Bernie, or any of my other home machines including treadles, I am often surrounded by the quilt I am working with. I love that feeling!  Just like I love snuggling under one to read a good book or sleep. 
One of the reasons I started quilting and have kept going all these years is because I love the feel of quilts. So large or small I quilt using my home machines and treadles - most often my Bernie.
Now that you know a little more about me than you may have wanted to know,
check out the photos of another PIP that I can finally check off the 'to do' list.
Thank makes 3 completed PIPs in less than 1 month.
I pieced this Feathered Star about 7 or 8 years ago.
Have I mentioned I love a challenge?!
The entire little quilt is just under 9 inches.
It is NOT paper pieced!
That would eliminate thrill I get from the challenge to piece a quilt as accurately as I possibly can.

Guess what...this is not the smallest Feathered Star I have made.
'Stars and Stripes', 2009, 18" x 18"
That Feathered Star in the center is one I made for the AQSG Itty Bitty Challenge and Fundraiser in 2009.  AQSG members participated by making a 4-inch (finished) block that was an Itty Bitty version of a larger block pattern.  The blocks could be pieced, appliquéd, or embroidered and worked by hand or machine.  Members of the Endowment committee used the blocks to make wall quilts. The finished quilts were auctioned off in December 2009.
Images of the finished quilts from the Itty Bitty Quilt Challenge may be seen by clicking here.
I was not lucky enough to win the auction for 'Stars and Stripes' so I guess one of these days I will have to make another 4-inch finished feathered star for keeps.

Happy quilting!

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