27 March, 2014

Doodle Blocks

I have a number of small quilts that I made over the years for one reason or another.
My tulip wandered a little outside the box...
This little appliqued tulip block represents one of the years I served on the a very special quilt show committee.
My thread tension was off on the web, but I sort of like the look.
In addition to the work we did to host an annual quilt show, committee members contributed their time and talents to create a raffle quilt. 
The proceeds from our show and the raffle quilt helped provide scholarships for students attending the the local community college.
I often include spiders and other surprise critters in my quilting.
Using leftover fabrics from the raffle quilt
each quilt show committee member made a block of their own to wear on our black pull-over vests during the show.

Inspiration for a bed-sized Dresden Plate quilt in my pile of PIPs.
These blocks represent two of the years I served on the committee.  
I never had time to quilt them way back when...
but it's been fun to go back and work on them
as quilting warm-up projects.

These two seem appropriate to share for a touch of spring.

I have lots of small pieces created over the years and plenty of sample blocks left over from various projects that work well to pull out and doodle with once in a while.

Brie has had some challenging days as of late.  
Today was a little better so I will be working through a little quilting therapy in my studio this evening.

Happy Quilting!

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