15 May, 2014

Sometimes It's Tough To Let Go...

Some time ago I decided to let go of things collected over the years that would have to remain in permanent storage if I kept them.  Mr. Splinters and I rented space in an antique mall for a couple of years which facilitated finding new homes for many of our treasures.  Yet there is still so much more . . . and we are still collecting which doesn't help!

So, I have been putting things up for adoption on Ebay and I am trying to get the word out to anyone who might be able to offer them a good home.  Our Ebay seller name is SplintersandThreads.

It is very difficult to let go of some of these things.  Seeing them again often reminds me of the excitement I felt the first time we met in an antique mall or thanks to a friend. It is not so easy to watch bids claim these things I still find inspiring; sometimes I want to cancel the listing. Instead, I console myself by taking lots of photos which will allow me to maintain the good memories long after they have moved in with their next inspired caregiver.

Little by little, I plan to continue to list goodies on Ebay over the next few weeks, months, years . . . whatever it takes to find them new homes. We just don't have room for everything!
Happy quilting and collecting,

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