01 October, 2013

Autumnal Bliss

Autumn is full of inspiration, don't you agree? 

This quilt came from an estate in Chester County, Pennsylvania several years ago.  Little else is known about the quilt or its maker.  The date of the quilt has been estimated by the fabrics contained in the top to have been made in the mid-19th century, probably early in the third quarter.  The back is solid white.  The binding is done with the front fabric folded to the back.  The quilting stitches are nicely done but not terribly elaborate which prompts me to believe the quilt was intended to be used - even if only very little. 

This quilt reminds me of the colors found in Mother Nature's autumn pallet...

 What do you think are the chances that the maker of this quilt was inspired by the colors of autumn?

OK, so it is still a little early where we live 
to get the full impact of autumn's colors.
Even so, this group of trees is offering a sampling 
of the colors in the antique quilt.

 Can you see the blue sky with white clouds
 in the corner squares of this block?

This block contains two of the multiple shades
of green fabrics in the quilt and on the trees this time of year.

This red print used throughout is not the only red.

There are several others including Turkey Reds!

I have  heard it said that  orange is often considered a neutral in Pennsylvania quilts . . . I think this quilt is a good example in support of that theory.  The cheddar print used to set the blocks is a one that I have seen in several quilts from the same time frame; many of them came from Pennsylvania. 

For obvious reasons I think of this antique quilt as 'Autumnal Bliss'.  Perhaps, one of these days (maybe soon) I will make a reproduction of it.  First, I will have to unpack my stash from the safety of the storage boxes everything is stored in while work continues on my new studio space.  That is a story best saved for another day.

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