31 January, 2012

Christmas Throughout the Year . . .

I have been reading here and there about the project at Quilting Daze entitled 'Christmas Throughout the Year'.  What a great idea!  I was inspired to start with the wrapping idea I used in 2011.  I made Christmas pillowcases to wrap gifts large and small.  I admit, shown above are three gifts from 2011, but . . .

I was inspired by this idea so yesterday I took a few minutes to use some of the Christmas flannel fabrics I purchased on sale, to make flannel pillowcases to fill with gifts for Christmas 2012. 

Let me take a minute, or two, to explain how I came up with this idea.  Last summer I started quilts to give our grandchildren for Christmas.  As always seems to happen, a couple of other projects interrupted my progress.  When visitng one of my regular fabric stops I spotted the stripe fabric that is the body of the pillowcases in the top photo shown above.  It remined me of Christmas ribbon candy.  I mentioned to Patty (who was cutting fabric for me) that I thought that fabric would make really cute gift bags for Christmas.  Remembering my PIP (Projects In Progress) list I decided to return the fabric to the shelf.  When would I ever get around to making gift bags?

A few days later Barb, a friend of mine, mentioned the pillowcase she made for her granddaughter.  As it turned out, Barb's daughters asked where 'their' pillowcases were, so she decided to make each of them a special pillowcase from fabrics chosen just for them.  Neat idea.  When would I ever get around to making pillowcases?

Another few days later while I was driving the car (I do some of my best thinking when I am driving) those two thoughts merged together into one idea.  Make Christmas pillowcases to wrap each of the grandchildrens' quilts in. 

I rushed back to the fabric store to purchase the stripe fabric.  I also picked up coordinating fabrics, lace and other goodies to make Christmas giftwrap pillowcases for each member of the family.  Even small gifts fit.  Whatever the size, slip the gift in the pillowcase, tie with a ribbon, add a gift tag and 'Voila!'  Christmas gift wrap that gives year after year.

The moral of this story: Whenever you try to talk yourself out of buying fabric - don't!

Thank you Cheryl and Darlene for being such inspirational cheerleaders!