15 January, 2012

Wat Splinters?

If you were wondering about the ‘Splinters’ in Splinters en Threads, here it is. . .

May I introduce my dear hubby Steven, a.k.a Mr. Splinters, shown hard at work building a toy chest for our granddaughters.

As of today the construction phase of the new toy chest is complete and the finish is being applied.

Like many of the quilts I have made, several of Steven's wood projects have found other homes.  Many years ago Steven built furniture pieces that we sold in our shop, Splinters & Threads.  Most of his woodworking projects are inspired by antique pieces, or made of  wood salvaged from old houses.

I cherish the few treasures Steven has made that we still have around the house.  I look forward watching more of them appear as we continue the renovation of our 1870 home.  That is a topic we will save for a later post.

Heb een fijne dag!

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