22 March, 2012

Sow-A-Long Blocks 10, 11 & 12

Here they are!

My next three blocks for the

Last week Randy offered the following
 two blocks for some additional fun.

You may notice these blocks have a little something extra folded behind them.

That is because I decided to put my blocks into a zigzag setting, which is one of my favorites.
There was little reason to wait.  :-)

Here is what I have so far . . .

Can you make out the beginning of the zigzag?

I opted to use three shades of blue that read as solids.  They compliment the prints I used for my blocks.  They will make a nicely blended scrappy zigzag between the blocks set on point. 

I anticipate a total of 9 columns with 8 complete blocks in the odd numbered columns. 
The four even numbered columns will have half a block at the top and bottom.
My planned layout should allow for a nice 'playground' that I plan to fill with wonderful quilting.

You can also see in this photo a bit of the construction going on in my studio.  
Even with this room incomplete I enjoy spending time in here as often as possible.
It is already my favorite room in the house.  When it is complete I may never leave . . . LOL!

Gelukkig naaiwerk!

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