19 March, 2012

Treadle Machine Quilting

Have you ever sewn, or machine quilted with a treadle sewing machine?

Machine Quilting on a Treadle

The quilt being quilted in the photo is one I made for the
2008 American Quilt Study Group's Study of 19th Century Red & Green Quilts.
Nineteen (19) of the quilts that were included in the Study can be viewed at HERE.

I learned to sew as a very young girl;
first by hand and later by machine on my mother's
Singer Featherweight. 
 I still use the Featherweight for some projects.
In 1998 my DH purchased a Bernina 150 QE for me for our 20th wedding anniversary. 
These days I use my Bernina for most 
piecing and machine quilting.
I have tried newer models but I much prefer the one I have;
we are attached at the hip and work well together.

I am fascinated by sewing machines,
especially the early models.

Quilting Tumbling Blocks Patchwork Print (aka, cheater cloth)

How these mechanical wonders were used to make quilts is an ongoing research project of mine.
To better understand the machines themselves and how they could be used to help 19th century quiltmakers I started a collection of early treadle sewing machines.
I use them to see what features 'modern' 19th century quiltmakers had available.

While I love using all of the machines I have available to me for making quilts, I also love the piece and quilt by hand.  However, in the interest of getting more done most of my quilts are brought into being by machine.

What sewing machines, if any, do you use to make some of your quilts?
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Heb een geweldige dag!

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