06 April, 2012

AQSG Quilt Study - 2008

The quilt below was my inspiration for the American Quilt Study Group's 2008 Study of Mid 19th Century Red & Green Quilts.

The original quilt is owned by a generous neighbor who allowed me to use their quilt as inspiration for my project.  The shades of tan were once green and the center includes machine quilting.

The quilt was made by a women who may have been a former slave.  Verbal family history indicates the quilt was made sometime after the quilt maker obtained her freedom.  Research is ongoing.

I was fascinated to find machine quilting in the red shapes at the center of each block, but the remainder of the quilting is by hand. The construction of the quilt is a combination of hand and machine. The solid red has held up reasonably well, however, the greens have faded to shades of brown and tan and it is obvious more than one fabric was used.

I deviated from the original solid colors and used earlier 19th century prints for a subtle visual interest. I did all of the applique by hand and used a treadle sewing machine for assembly of the top and all of the quilting.

My 2008 Study Quilt
Study Quilt Label

You can see this quilt and 18 other quilts inspired by 19th Century Red & Green Quilts that were all part of the AQSG 2008 Quilt Study at:

I will share my 2010 study quilt in a future post.

If this type of quilt study is interesting to you, please check out more about this great project at the AQSG website:  http://www.americanquiltstudygroup.org/Quilt%20Study.asp

You can also ask me.  I am the current Quilt Study Committee Chairperson!

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