25 April, 2012

Sow-A-Long Blocks 16, 17 &18 . . .

I started this project as a challenge to myself because I seldom, actually never, do well following others especially when it comes to making quilts. Kudos to Randy at BarristersBlock.blogspot.com for making this project interesting!  She offers just enough blocks for me to remain challenged to keep up without keeping me from working on other PIPs.

Vocabulary: 'PIP' means 'Projects in Progress' which I prefer over the alien reference more commonly used. :-)

I was otherwise occupied when Randy posted the 'Milky Way' block as a bonus on April 12th, but here it is:

I finished that one plus the three posted on the Third Wednesday of April last week when I had a little sewing time in between other commitments. 

Sow, what do you think of my version of blocks 16, 17 & 18?

Clockwise from left are Dutchman's Puzzle,
Hooker's Hat Patch*, and Sawtooth Star
(*from Carol Hopkins' 'Civil War Legacies')

Of course, I could not leave out the bonus block posted on April 18th . . .

Since the beginning of February Randy has posted 18 official blocks on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.  Add to that the 6 bonus blocks offered and I have been able to complete the third column of my quilt top.

I create the partial blocks as fillers from either duplicate blocks included in the challenge or elements from the blocks made up into half-blocks to complete what will be the even numbered columns.  

I have just read her blog post for today (April 25) and learned there is an additional bonus block for me to sew which will give me 3 of the 8 blocks I need for my 4th column.  Yippee!

Gelukkig zaaien!