14 February, 2012

Love Birds?

Well do you love birds?  What about fabrics with birds?

We have been having a very mild winter with only light snow that disappears quickly.  I am not complaining and I doubt the wildlife in the neighborhood is either.  Our feathered friends have not needed to frequent our feeders this year.  Nature's refrigerator is wide open allowing the birds to find plenty of food.

With fewer live specimens to watch through the window, let's turn our attention toward finding birds in the fabrics of my Tumbling Star quilts.

Let's start with a few little birds found in a red and white print. It is Valentine's Day after all!

Mama Watching Over Her Little Ones
Little Bird in Flight

These two love birds can be found in the Tumbling Star quilt discussed earlier. 
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I would absolutely love to have a reproduction with the feathered friends featured here. Wouldn't you? 

Caught In the Netting?

This lovely little character had to be captured under netting.  This is one of the few fabrics in the Tumbling Star quilt that has begun to deteriorate.  To keep the fibers as intact as possible I carefully stitched a piece of fine netting over the diamond.  I plan to remove the netting to cover this piece with an appropriate period piece of fabric, some day.  Can you see the white stitches that keep the netting in place?  That is intentional so that I can find them when it is time to remove the netting.  Without a close up view this conservation step is almost invisible.

Bird in Blue
The black on white detail of this little bird is striking on the blue background.  This is another fabric I would love to have because I love the black on whites with color backgrounds.  I see them more often in home decorating fabrics than I can find them in cottons suitable for making quilts. 

And finally, found hiding . . .

Little Fan Bird

Of all the little birds on this quilt I could find none that appear in pairs to celebrate
St. Valentine's Day. 
Perhaps you have a pair of birds on one of your quilts.
Happy Valentine's Day to all!