18 February, 2014

15 Years Later...

As promised!
I present the finished heart quilt 
I shared a couple of days ago.  

As I was outline quilting the little block I desperately wanted to pop a few tiny designs into the arms of the star.  I talked myself out of the idea but I just couldn't shake the feeling that that little block in the center needed something else in the quilt to be small.

The most obvious solution was to fill the heart with small vines of feathers instead of the feathered heart.  With about two-thirds of one side done, I sat back to take a look.  At that point wasn't sure I was on the right track.

I walked away for the evening.  

By the time I woke up this morning I had made up my mind to sit down with a cup of tea, the quilt and a seam ripper to remove the small feathered vines and go back to my original plan. That was until I took a look at the little quilt sitting by the machine. 

All of the sudden I saw the answer!

I finished the heart with the feathered heart and left the small vines so that the design is asymmetrical. 

I decided to turn this little quilt into a pillow and use the border fabric as a front-to-back binding.

The old house we lived in when I first started this project was decorated with a very patriotic theme.  The old house we live in now has (OK, 'will have' when it's done) a more muted color scheme.  It was a toss up whether or not to 'tea dye' the quilt or not but I went for it.

  I think it will be great to bring out for
 Valentine's Day or any patriotic holiday!

After 15 years this PIP has finally been 
checked of my 'to do' list.  Yippee!

Time to go through the PIP box 
to see what else I can get done quickly. 

Happy quilting,