20 February, 2014

Mistress Mary Quite Contrary...

Thinking about spring 
reminded me of this vintage crib spread
that I purchased last summer at an estate sale.

It is a printed and embroidered on linen
The spread measures 36" x 54".
It is one of four pieces that make up a complete set.

The other three pieces are a table square (36"), 

a dresser scarf (18" x 45"), 

and a pillow case (22" x 28").

 The embroidery is complete on all of the pieces.
 The pillowcase is the only piece that is not finished.

The edge of each piece is stamped
with design information.

The text reads:
"Columbia Design 2913 Complete Set" 
then lists the various pieces with their measurements
in a different order on each piece.

The lettering is hidden by hemming the raw edges.

The entire set was discovered in a trunk at an estate sale.
It was stored with other textiles.

 I believe the designs were pre-printed and
may have been sold as a kit
to be embellished with embroidery.

When I first discovered the crib spread at the sale
I thought it would be a fun piece to turn into a quilt.
As soon as I spotted the printed edge 
I searched through a pile of textiles 
looking for the other pieces.
It was such a surprise to find them all.
In reasonably good condition too!
They have some stains from age
that I believe will come out with a good soaking.
All of the pieces would also
benefit from a good pressing.
Otherwise they are in excellent condition.

The entire set will be going up for sale soon!

The sun is shining today
 and the temperatures are wonderfully warm
considering how cold it has been for so long.
We are being teased with the 
promise of spring.

Best wishes,