07 February, 2014

Daddy's Girls

My dear hubby (aka, Mr. Splinters) is a very lucky guy.  
He doesn't have 1 little girl.  
He doesn't have 2 little girls.  
He has 3 little girls
Well they really aren't little anymore . . . 
all 3 are in their 30's.

When Mr. Splinters was unexpectedly scheduled
for lung surgery in early November,
we desperately wanted all of our girls to be there.
We did not want to ask them to come, 
they have responsibilities and families that need them.
We wanted to remain optimistic that all would be well
and that we would be able to see all of them
somewhere other than the hospital.

But they came anyway.

Brie (aka 'My Quilt Study Buddy') lives with us.
She faces multiple challenges every day
as the result of a pre-natal stroke.
She has outdone every prognosis ever made by experts.

Brie loves and adores her sisters!

Brie collects t-shirts -
She wanted one like the nurses were wearing.
Stephanie, one very special nurse,
brought Brie a t-shirt of her very own.
Brie refused to wear anything else for two weeks.
Thankfully she let me wash it every night
while she was sleeping.
She still wears it regularly.

Kylie and Meagen live with each of their families 
a little over 300 miles away.
They did not tell us they were coming.
 They followed a nurse into Mr. Splinters hospital room
minutes before our scheduled conference call
the night before surgery.

I can't even explain how happy we were to see them.

Let me tell you . . . 
it made such a difference 
to all of us
to have them here.
.We are so proud of the women they have become.

Daddy's girls.