04 February, 2014

Embroidered Game Cover

We raised three girls
who are now all in their 30's
with children of their own.
Yet I can still think of wonderful things
to make for them and our 3 granddaughters.
If only I had enough time!

Figuring out special things to create
for the guys in my life
is a bit more of a challenge.

My Dear Hubby and Michael, our only grandson

Embroidered t-shirts work!
Like the matching shirts I made
for them to wear for a truck outing last summer.

Brie got one too!

every once in a while
a project idea presents itself
that is perfect for Michael.

'Toon Fish' by Gosia Designs via EmbroideryDesigns.com

Like making a padded cover for the 
Nintendo handheld thing he got for Christmas.


I embroidered his name on the back of the case.

The last name has been blurred in the photo

The cover is padded and zips closed
to keep the Nintendo protected.

Flip pocket holds 3 game cards.

Unfortunately I don't have 'how-to' photos to share here.
 This quick project was one of those last-minute projects
that needed to be finished in a hurry.

There just wasn't time to take photos.

If you would like instructions please email me.

Happy gaming!